If you are going to come into our company, we have a specific dress code that you should adhere to. The amount of scandalous clothing that you wear should have an impact on the environment. Don’t look for someone who doesn’t dress the right way. Appearances are everything and perception is reality. Nerds will rule the world as long as they dress correctly and take things seriously outside of their world. The sales on the university side have a marketing company that make work fun and it has a branding element that has no real value in the world. The ability to have a substantial job in the real world takes a lot of willpower. Your mental health issues run away as soon as you get involved in the community.

This is an example of a lady with a great dress code. She is classy while at the same time taking thing.

Get involved in a cigar lounge and learn about the different types of cigars in the area. Be a social person that takes things seriously. Don’t be a scumbag like that guy that looks at a computer screen all day and manipulates numbers. Being a banker is being a coward. Life isn’t that important or precious to where you will risk it so much that your soul dies. Look for the risky things like sex to have fun and do things that other people are afraid of. Sacrifice for others and have fun. Just go for the hard things in life or you will die.